•Michel de Vries was born 1966 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. As a young boy he moved with his family to Germany in a little village called Dernbach in the countrified landscape of the Westerwald. Here he spent his childhood, attended school and discovered his fascination for photography and cars.After having passed the German secondary school leaving certificate „Abitur“, he started a professional training as a photojournalist in Hamburg, Germany. The following years he worked for national and international car magazines – enabling him to combine his affection for cars and photos in a lucrative and very successful way.On the basis of his increasing reputation he settled down back in Dernbach at the end of the 80ies establishing himself as self-dependent car photographer for press and advertising. Becoming more and more a star in the market of car photographers, he built his own photo studio in Dernbach end of the 90ies, especially designed for the car industry.Today, having worked over 20 years as a professional car photographer, he is grateful that he had the chance to show his potential working for all the well-known brands. Besides his success of being one of the best car photographers in the market, he remained a reliable service provider and a more than pleasant personality.

•米歇尔·德·弗里斯1966年出生于荷兰的阿姆斯特丹。在他很小的时候,随从他的家人搬到维斯德的一个叫dernbach的小村庄。在这里,他度过了他的童年,读书学习还有开始迷恋摄影和汽车。后来通过德国高中毕业证书“abitur” ,在德国汉堡他开始了一名职业摄影记者生涯。随后的几年中,他曾为国内和国际汽车杂志工作 - 让他可以结合车于照片爱好的结合,同时又能赚取利润的成功之路。在他声誉越来越好的基础上,80年代他回到了dernbach定居并结束了他为出版物和广告的汽车拍摄摄影生涯。随着市场越来越多的新起的汽车摄影师,90年代他在dernbach建立了自己的摄影工作室,特别为汽车工业做出的设计。至今,他做为一个专业汽车摄影师超过了20年,他感到高兴的是他有机会展示他专业和潜力。除了他在汽车摄影师市场上的成就,他仍然提供可靠的服务和性格开朗的工作态度。