•Born in Berlin and lives in Paris and New York today, is a young master of fashion photography. The breakthrough for Mecke was the publishing of his portraits of intellectuals and cultural icons in French »Vogue«. The spectre of his portrait photographs ranges from celebrities like Giorgio Armani or Keira Knightley to Jonathan Meese. After he gained recognition as a portrait photographer, he increasingly turned towards fashion photography, which today represents his main objective. Ralph Mecke puts fashion in the limelight and construes it in a way that exposes the darker nature of things under the beautiful surface. The works uncover emotions and beauty as well as mysterious, sombre realities. His fashion spreads can be found regularly in magazines like »Harper's Bazaar«, »Vanity Fair«, »Vogue«, or »GQ«. While he is working, Mecke takes care in prioritising the feeling of unmediated impression. True beauty, as he says, »is, when something unexpected happens that gives the photograph raw, emotional power«. He is as fastidious when it comes to the final product. All the effects that he uses are being created in the studio – no digital manipulation is allowed.

出生在柏林,现生活在巴黎和纽约,是一个年轻的时装摄影大师。在默克的突破是他在法国《时尚》知识分子和文化偶像肖像出版。他的肖像照片的幽灵从名人如吉奥吉奥阿玛尼或凯拉·奈特利乔纳森米斯。在他作为一个摄影师得到了承认,他越来越转向时尚摄影,今天是他的主要目标。拉尔夫默克将时尚生活在聚光灯下,分析它的方式,揭示事物的更深的自然美丽的表面下。作品揭示情绪与美以及神秘的,阴暗的现实。他的时尚传播可以定期在《Harper'sBazaar》杂志发现,《名利场》,《时尚》,或《GQ》。他工作时,默克需要照顾的优先次序的直接感受。真正的美,正如他所说,是当有意外发生,给照片原情感的力量。他因为挑剔,当涉及到最终产品。所有他使用被在工作室创造的效果 - 没有数字操作是允许的。