• Since nearly four decades Andreas Burz way of realizing visual conceptions and his own photographic style is required by the leading advertising agencies and brands.

  • His enthusiasm to achieve the ideal result came along from his first job till todays global assignments. No matter whether he is setting up his camera after a weeks travel in a hot and dusty desert or doing CGI supervision in a clean and fully air conditioned post production studio.

  • To get the best quality Andreas Burz always looks for a close collaboration with the agency and the client  and tries to optimize production process by using state of the art technology , a dedicated professional crew and convenient working conditions.

  • 近四年以来, Andreas Burz以自己的方式实现视觉概念和他自己的摄影风格,完成了广告公司和品牌的要求。

  • 从第一份工作到今天的全球任务,他的热情达到了理想的结果。他已准备好自己的相机,不管他是在一个炎热的、布满灰尘的沙漠里旅行了几周后,还是在一个干净的、完全空调的后期制作工作室里进行CGI监督。 

  • 为了得到最好的质量,Andreas Burz总是寻找密切合作,代理和终端产品,试图利用最先进的技术,优化生产过程,一个专门的专业的人员和便捷的工作条件。