• Bastian Görgens has been working in various realms of photography, such as food, interior and people before he eventually got into automobile photography in 2005. He is passionate about it for its gripping mix of tense emotionality combined with the technical requirements of the latest car designs. Bastian has gained profound experience by working as first assistant at René Staud Studios and Emir Haveric for several years and further free assistance for other well known photographers. Based on this, he commenced to work under his own name in 2011. Since then Bastian has been working on his own projects, especially in the area of transportation- and people-photography. 

  • BastianGörgens2005年最终进入汽车摄影之前一直致力于摄影的各个领域,如食品,室内和人物。他热衷于紧张的情感结合最新汽车设计的技术要求。。 巴斯蒂安已经在RenéStaud工作室和Emir Haveric担任首席助理多年,并为其他知名摄影师提供进一步的免费帮助,获得了深刻的经验。 基于此,他于2011年开始以自己的名义工作。自那时以来,巴斯蒂安一直在自己的项目上工作,特别是在汽车和人民摄影领域。