Hello, I’m FLORIAN SCHÜPPEL, a guy who loves life, the world and the people in it. 

After visiting the Danish School of Journalism to learn from the very best, FLORIAN SCHÜPPEL worked for GEO International and assisted renowned photographers. Since 2009 he enjoys life as a freelance photographer. 

FLORIAN SCHÜPPEL’S work is focused on authentic people, travel and lifestyle photography and he is also doing commercial projects and advertising photography. 

FLORIAN SCHÜPPEL,一个热爱生活、世界和人民的摄影师。

毕业于丹麦新闻学院,毕业后工作于GEO International并同时助理多名国际知名摄影师从事商业广告的拍摄。


FLORIAN SCHÜPPEL的工作专注于真实的人,旅行及生活摄影,同时从事商业项目和广告摄影。