• Jan Steinhiber, born 1972, first studied graphic design to become an art director, then discovered photography and now is one of Germany’s preeminent automotive photographers, highly regarded for his creative vision, technical prowess, and command of design. His clients include Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Cadillac, Audi, BMW, Peugeot, Renault and VW.

  • One of his specialties is producing images that make the impossible seem real or that contain an almost undetectable visual surprise. “I’m always looking for subtle ways to lead viewers through an image”, he says.

  • Jan’s work has been honored many times, including by the German Art Directors Club, the British AOP, PDN, Graphis, and Communication Arts. The awards are a testament not just to his abilities as a photographer but also as a collaborator who actively seeks out challenging projects.

  • Jan Steinhiber,1972年出生,首先学习平面设计,成为艺术总监,然后发现摄影,现在是德国着名的汽车摄影师之一,他的创作愿景,技术实力和设计指导受到高度评价。他的客户包括梅赛德斯 - 奔驰,保时捷,凯迪拉克,奥迪,宝马,标致,雷诺和大众。

  • 他的擅长拍摄,使不可能看起来是真实的,或者包含几乎看不见的视觉惊喜。 他说:“我一直在寻找微妙的方式来引导观众通过形象。”

  • Jan的作品多次荣获德国艺术总监俱乐部,英国AOP,PDN,Graphis和传播艺术奖。 这些奖项不仅证明了他作为摄影师的能力,而且也是作为积极寻找具有挑战性的项目的合作者。