• Johannes Frederic Kuehn is a freelance photographer with a focus on transportation and lifestyle photography. 

  • Born in 1987 in a small village in Bavaria he discovered his passion to photography 2006. Two years later he started to assist renowned photographers worldwide for 5 years. His own career started 2012 with campaigns for Audi and Opel and winning prices in international photo competitions. Johannes is a member of BFF and currently lives in Berlin.

  • Johannes Frederic Kuehn是一名自由摄影师把焦点集中在交通和生活摄影。

  • 1987出生在一个在巴伐利亚的小村,, 2006年他发现摄影带给他的激情。两年后,他开始协助世界知名摄影师5年。他的职业生涯始于2012,为奥迪和欧宝的运动,并赢得了国际摄影比赛的价格。