• My name is Malte Bartjen, born and raised in Germany in 1972, pitched up in Hamburg in the late 1990s, where I successfully complete my apprenticeship in photography. Proximate I worked as assistant for several well known photographers getting know food, interior, fashion and transportation photography. 

  • I work as automotive photographer with a deep love for molded metal, combustion engines, modern architecture, vast landscapes and candid moments. 

  • 我的名字叫Malte Bartjen,出生在1972在德国长大,在汉堡在上世纪90年代后期,完成我的学徒摄影,我做过几位知名摄影师的助理,了解食品、室内、时装和交通摄影。

  • 我作为汽车摄影师热爱金属,发动机,现代建筑,广阔的风景和美好的瞬间。