• Robert has been working as a freelance photographer since 2010 and mainly focuses on staging transportatinos, people and landscapes.

  • His personal visual language and attention to detail have already gained Robert numerous national and international awards and his work has been exhibited in London,Paris,New York and Los Angeles.

  • Born in 1977,Robert currently lives in Stuttgart and is a member of the German Association of Freelance Photographers(BFF).

  • HIs clients include Mercedes-Benz,BMW AG,Recaro,Mercedes-AMG,STIHL,HWA AG and more.

  • 罗伯特。自2010年以来一直作为一名自由摄影师,主要汽车,人和风景。

  • 许多国家和国际奖项,他的工作已经在伦敦展出,巴黎,纽约和洛杉矶。

  • 生于1977年,罗伯特·目前住在斯图加特,德国自由职业摄影师协会的成员(BFF)。

  • 他的客户包括奔驰、宝马,Recaro梅赛德斯amg,STIHL,华AG)和更多。