• Thomas Motta started working as a photographer of industrial facilities in 1996.For six years he travelled to places all over Europe, Asia and South America, shooting for clients in the steel industry.To focus more on what he was always passionate about, he moved to Hamburg, where he assisted well-known photographers in automobile and people photography until 2007. All of these experiences gave his minimalistic, reduced, natural style the fine-tuning it has today. His photographs are often "one-shots" without composing. Thomas prefers fast cars in their "natural environment", so whenever possible, he shoots them car-to- car.Additionally, he makes spontaneous handheld shots, which you don't find very often in todays commercial automobile photography. Thomas also has the experience and the knowledge needed to translate his style to a virtual car during a CGI shoot. 

  • His clients include Blohm+Voss, BMW, Ferrari, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Opel, Porsche, Skoda, Thyssen Krupp, Viseon, Volvo, VW. 

  • He is a professional member of the BFF. 

  • 托马斯·莫塔在1996年开始摄影工作。六年来他前往欧洲各地的地方,亚洲和南美洲,射击在钢铁行业客户。更多地专注于他总是充满激情,他搬到汉堡,他协助知名摄影师在汽车和人的拍摄直到2007年。所有的这些经历给他的简约,减少,自然风格。他的照片往往没有构成“一次性”。托马斯喜欢跑车在其“自然环境”,所以只要有可能,他拍摄车-车。此外,他使自发手持拍摄,你不经常发现在今天商业汽车摄影。托马斯还需要经验和知识转化他的风格在CGI转换一个虚拟的汽车。

  • 他的客户包括Blohm +沃斯、宝马、法拉利、马自达、三菱、欧宝,保时捷,斯柯达,蒂森克虏伯,Viseon,沃尔沃,大众。

  • 他是BFF的会员。