• Markus Weber is born in Stuttgart. 

  • 1993,he decided to make an internship at the studio of Igor Panitz. Afterwards he startedto work for di erent photographers as an assistant. During this time, he got a lot of experience in di erent parts of photography like still-life, product and people photography. In the year 2000 he starts his own career with a studio focused on advertising, stills and products. In this period he works for a lot of industrial clients such as Bauknecht, Bosch, Metabo, Sirona. 

  • In 2008 he made a collaboration with the studio of the car photo- grapher Igor Panitz and got more experience in transportation pho- tography.Since 2012, he worked on his own car photographer career. Beside that, he worked with well-known international operating car photo- graphers as a co-photographer, digital assistant and CGI supervisor.

  • Markus Weber出生在斯图加特。

  • 1993,他决定在Igor Panitz的工作室做实习。后来他开始为不同的摄影师助理的工作。在这段时间里,他积累了许多不同类型的摄影经验,如产品和人像的摄影等。在2000,他开始了自己的事业,专注于广告,剧照和产品的工作室。在这期间,他服务于许多工业客户如Bauknecht, Bosch, Metabo, Sirona。

  • 2008他与汽车摄影师Igor Panitz工作室合作,积累了更多的车辆摄影的经验。自2012以来,他一直从事自己的汽车摄影师事业。除此之外,他还与著名的国际汽车摄影师合作,担任摄影师、数码助理和CGI主管。