•1981 Born in Chengdu, Sichuan.Childhood affected family favorite for landscape photography produce. 2004came to Beijing of graduate. 2004-2006 worked as a photographer for fashion magazines, long shooting interviews, fashion match. 2006 joined K-KING photography company,work for professional foreign cars photographer as an assistant, transformed into a professional still life photographer began Getty images photo shoot a lot of Chinese elements in 2007, as well as SAMSUNG, LINING, Pepsico and other international brands, and the formation of a long-term cooperation.Specialize car photography in 2008, has now joined Twoquarters Production Co. Ltd. Customers :Volkswagen, Lexus, Infiniti, Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot, Renault, Audi, etc.

•1981年出生于四川成都。从小受家人影响喜欢上风光摄影。2004年大学毕业来到北京。2004-2006年为时尚杂志担任摄影师,长期拍摄人物专访,时装搭配。2006年加入K-KING摄影公司,为国外汽车专业摄影师担任助理,2007年转型为专业静物摄影师开始为盖蒂图片社拍摄大量中国元素照片,同时为三星,李宁, 百事等国际品牌服务,并形成了长期的合作。2008年开始主攻专业汽车摄影,如今已加入北京天腾灏启摄影文化发展有限公司,客户有:大众, 雷克萨斯,英菲尼迪, 奔驰, 标致,雷诺,奥迪等。