About Us

Introduction Intro

Twoquarters Production Co. Ltd. is a fully integrated, multidisciplinary photography, branding, and marketing agency that was established in 1998. With our headquarters started in Hong Kong and subsidiary offices in Germany and China, we have over two decades of experience collaborating with some of the world's foremost entrepreneurs. Our mission is to foster innovation, drive progress, and pioneer new horizons for our clients.
At the heart of our services is a core photography team with a global reach. We are proud to be the first company to bring together an international roster of top professional photographers in China. Our goal is to provide our clients and partners with a premium experience through a cutting-edge platform.
We push the boundaries of conventional business thinking through an all-encompassing branding process. Our photographers and backend team possess unparalleled expertise and utilize state-of-the-art CGI technology, ensuring that our work goes beyond capturing static images; we breathe life into photographs.
With a balance of creative and analytical thinking, a love for technology, adherence to best industry practices, and a keen eye on emerging market trends, Twoquarters stands as an independent agency offering comprehensive creative services in both Europe and Asia. We are dedicated to delivering excellence and shaping the future of branding and marketing.


Founder / Henry Gan

Graduated at The University of Southern California, started as a freelance photographer Los Angeles. Giving for the deep enthusiasm for photography, came back to Hong Kong after spending 8 years in the States, founded “Two Quarters Ltd.” in 1998 now bringing one of the upcoming photography & production service in Hong Kong. Pursuing the passion and professionalism in photography, started to explore the Main Land China market in the year of 2000. Through out the past years, had grown with the China commercial photography market. Especially this year , due to the Beijing Olympic, had served many mega Foreign and Chinse companies on their major campaigns.

Project Manager / Able Liu

Graduated from Beijing Film Academy , Experienced in the overall advertising process. For the completion of shooting projects, the whole process of project approval to the project, to control, planning, actors, shooting, late and other aspects of the quality and progress of work has a wealth of experience in control. I also have some experience in advertising / fashion / magazine.

Executive Producer / Hermione

Hermione is a producer in TQ and has been engaged in the print advertising industry for many years. He has participated in the shooting of many shooting such as BMW, MB, Nestle, etc., including pre-preparation, shooting and post-production, and has rich experience in the execution of shooting.
Executive work:
BMW X5, X3,Mercedes-Benz EQ , Mercedes-Benz AMG, NGCC, Mengniu, Xiaomi, Meituan, etc.

Retouch Manager / Guanqi Zhao

The domestic industry is one of the earliest occupation retouchers, making field is committed to professional advertisement stage, to provide customers with a full three-dimensional graphic post service, equipped with a top domestic engaged in graphic advertising post production service team. The works are often won in international and domestic awards, to add value to customers‘ creativity, so as to win high trust from our customers.