Cedric Viollet

Name:Cedric Viollet
Language:French English

Cedric Viollet is a paris based photographer. he started photography through is early passion for skateboarding and surfing.This first way of expression was very quickly enriched by cedric thirst to discover new lands and new cultures. after studying art and history of art at university, Cedric dived into a rich world of travel. driven by aventure,Cedric spent a lot of time documenting these journeys and offering unique voice on the beauty of the world through his encounters in lesotho, eastern europe, australia, china.
In 2017, he conceived the project « ringxiety », a book about phantom phone calls in hong-kong. stamped with his distinctive hallmark, each of his projects forms part of a cohesive artistic collection. while developing this imagery, cedric gained strong technical and a solid sense of beauty that allowed him to enlarge his commercial field with portraits, fashion and landscapes.
Cedric works with brands such as mercedes, lacoste, elie sa ab, kenzo, lo uis vuit ton, hermès. cedric also collaborates with m le monde, hunter, dsection, vanity fair, interview. he is part of 1991, a creative publishing house, and he built a strong relationship with leica as a contributor to their workshops.