Victor Jon Goico

Name:Victor Jon Goico
Language:German English

Victor Jon Goico was born in the mid-eighties in Stuttgart, Germany. During his photography school, which he finished successfully with an award winning project, he started working at the Daimler Studios in Stuttgart, where he got the chance to shoot cars in studio and on location. From his parents he learn French and Spanish, thanks to that he could easily work in Europe, so he left Germany to work in Paris for a celebrity photographer. Back in Germany he started assisting for several internationally acclaimed and respected transportation, people and landscape photographers like Michael Schnabel, Steffen Jahn, Chirstian Schmidt, Uwe Duttmann, and many more.
In 2011 he established his own business as transportation photographer. Since then he started working for a continuously growing number of clients, like BMW, Bosch, Skoda, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, Maserati and many more. His right feel for composition, ”German” technical knowledge, the creativity to explore innovative techniques and his pursuit of perfection, pushes him to get more out of every shooting.