Uwe Kristandt

Name:Uwe Kristandt
Language:German English

After countless photo shoots all over the globe for virtually all of car makers, Uwe Kristandt is the expert for scouting locations. Moreover clients also appreciate his skills in the studio as well as for product photography, characterized by great attention to detail. Not only exclusive fountain pen manufacurers and watch makers are delighted about this. Whether on loctation or in the studio。
Uwe Kristandt lives Rock’n Roll. When time is running out and the images should have been at the client’s yesterday - then he is in his element. During this adrenaline filled moments Uwe brings his cool head to bear. Humour, an easy going nature, concentration and especially total professionalism are just some of Uwe’s qualities. And just like every original Rock n’ Roller his ‚show is based on big talent, tons of experience and even more intuition.